Dry-Tech fabric is capable to release moisture
faster than cotton fabric. Experiment shows that
Dry-Tech fabric can release moisture by 70% in
45 minutes while cotton releases only 50% in 45
With this rapid evaporation rate and breathable
properties, Dry-Tech fabric performs the function
of regulating moisture and body temperature
which help to enhance your performance in all

Dry-Tech fabric is now available in many types of knitted fabric structure.

Basic Series
Jacquard Series
Yarn-dyed Stripe

Dry-Tech may also be developed
into different designs / structure
to meet your requirements.


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Tel: (852) 2368 8813 Fax:(852) 2368 8611 E-mail: info@drytech.com.hk


Dry-Tech fabric is specially developed to
optimize the breathable and absorption
properties that can keep you dry and
comfort in all activities.
The breathability of Dry-Tech allows
moisture vapour to escape to the
outside so body temperature will be
kept in balance,which gives you
The absorption property will move
moisture from your skin to the fabric
surface where the evaporation takes
place quickly, which keeps you dry.
Quick evaporation ---------------->
Dry- Tech fabric ------------------>
Skin ------------------------------------>
Air ---------------------------------------------------------->
Moisture --------------------------------------------------------->